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Industrial Steam generators

We manufacture forced-circulation Steam generators for producing saturated steam.

Generatore di vapore FB

Vertical steam generator FB

Industrial, forced circulation steam generator in vertical execution provides quick production of saturated steam. Compact and suitable for installation in tight spaces.
Caldaia a vapore OMG

Horizontal steam generator OMG

Industrial, forced-circulation steam generator in horizontal execution provides quick production of saturated steam. Robust and versatile design.
Caldaia a vapore OMG
Dettaglio di una caldaia a vapore FB
Dettaglio di una caldaia a vapore industriale FB
Dettaglio caldaia produzione vapore
Dettaglio di caldaie industriali produzione vapore
Centralina manutenzione caldaie industriali

Forced-circulation Steam generators: design and functioning

Industrial processes can use steam directly in contact with the product, or indirectly, as a carrier fluid for the transmission of thermal energy. Saturated steam, used as a carrier fluid, has the following advantages:

  • Safe, clean, economical (produced from softened water).
  • High heat transfer coefficient.
  • Pressure and temperature are in direct relationship: steam temperature can be precisely controlled through the regulation of steam pressure.

Gavardo Caldaie manufactures direct, forced-circulation Steam generators, for the production of saturated steam. Steam is produced by circulating softened water inside a variable-section coil (also called “serpentine”), heated by the flame and combustion fumes of a burner.

Advantages of forced-circulation Steam generators

Due to the special construction principle, Gavardo Caldaie generators have some important advantages:

  • Instantaneous steaming (steam in 5 minutes).
  • Low water content inside the coil (no risk of explosion for the generator, meaning greater safety of operation).
  • Ease of maintenance. The possibility of replacing the coil in case of damage allows a complete reconditioning of the machine.

A Gavardo Caldaie generator provides further advantages:

  • Excellent value for money
  • Maximum efficiency, safety and reliability
  • Thousands of applications in operation, across multiple sectors
  • Ease of use thanks to simple and intuitive operation
  • Consolidated experience over 60 years

Service and maintenance services for Steam generators

The maintenance of an industrial Steam boiler plays an essential role in ensuring maximum efficiency and safety of the plant. Our team specialises in pre- and after-sales services, repairs and scheduled maintenance to ensure proper operation.

Steam generators ready for delivery

Looking for a used or new model for prompt delivery? We also have used industrial Steam boilers available for immediate delivery: see all models.

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