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Technical services for Steam generators and Thermal oil heaters

We provide technical assistance and consultancy for the machines branded Gavardo Caldaie.

Assistenza caldaie industriali

We all know how important it is for a company to meet deadlines. The best way to avoid unforeseen events, especially during periods of higher plant utilisation, is to adopt a proper predictive maintenance schedule.

Periodic inspections, overhauls, replacement of damaged or worn components make it possible to identify possible criticalities, plan the most important maintenance operations and avoid costly, unplanned, plant outages.

We have a team of experienced technicians dedicated to on-site service, as well as a network of qualified professionals located throughout and outside the country.

Customers often tend to rely on internal maintenance teams or local service companies for a close, readily available technical support. With this in mind, we design our machines to simplify their operation and maintenance, so that all the interventions are facilitated as possible.

Our approach:

  • Our machines are always up to date, but purposefully essential: easy to be operated and maintained.
  • Install components from primary brands that can provide direct assistance through their international service centres.
  • Well-sorted internal warehouse for the spare parts, granting their availability even years after they are discontinued from the market.
  • Internal stock for all the models of coils (serpentines) available in the catalogue. In case of emergency, we help you minimizing downtime.
  • Support the installers providing exhaustive technical documentation, troubleshooting, consultancy.

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